5 Most Useful Masters’ Degrees in 2022

Given the increasingly competitive job markets, you need advanced degrees on your resume to stand out from other capable professionals. A masters’ degree can help you secure a senior role at your organization. But choosing the right degree to pursue can be a challenge.

In this article, we have made a list of the top five masters’ degrees you could pursue in 2022. We have also mentioned the reasons why we believe these are great choices:

1.     Risk Management

After the disruption caused by the pandemic, organizations are looking to invest heavily in risk management.[i] With an increase in demand for talent comes more job opportunities.[ii] That’s why a Masters’ in Risk Management is a great option for 2022.

You can complete an online masters’ program in less than a year. Here you can learn about Strategic Risk Management, Risk Analysis and Advanced Research Methods.

2.     Tourism and Hospitality Management

The tourism and hospitality industry is going through a dramatic change due to the pandemic. Companies need fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to deal with the current challenges. That’s why they need managers with highly refined expertise.

To fulfil this demand you can enroll in a Masters’ in Tourism and Hospitality Management. Here you can learn about contemporary theory and the way to develop research-backed solutions. This is especially beneficial for senior professionals who can supplement their experience with a masters’ degree.

3.     Health and Social Care Management

A Masters’ in Health and Social Care Management can teach health and social care professionals the management and leadership expertise they need for senior administrative roles. The never-ending growth in the medical field is giving rise to new job openings throughout the world. Therefore, an online masters’ in this field can help you land high-ranking jobs.

4.     Project Management

The project economy has largely taken over the old current job structure. With that, the organizations are seeking individuals who can manage projects from planning to execution. You can gain the expertise for it by pursuing a Masters’ in Project Management degree.

Various sectors including construction, engineering, software development, Information technology, healthcare and marketing require project managers for organizational success. So this degree has a wide scope.

5.     Human Resource Management

The department of human resources is the backbone of every organization which means that there are countless opportunities for a fruitful career in this field. You could be the one influencing a company’s future by resourcing the best employees or creating a better workplace culture.

With a Masters’ degree in Human Resource Management, you could explore senior jobs such as human resources manager, benefits manager, payroll specialist and such.

Find a Program of Your Choice

These are only five of the many options to pursue in the upcoming year. You should choose a masters’ program that is related to your field of experience and also offers great returns on investment.

Go through the list of masters’ programs to see if something else piques your interest. Then explore the job outlook, salaries and global opportunities in different fields to make your final choice.