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Admission Application Terms and Conditions

In submitting my Admission Application and my Declaration I agree to the following Admission Application Terms and Conditions.

  • 1.0 Process for Studying at SNATIKA
  • 1.1 I understand that I will not be able to study at SNATIKA until I am enrolled and I will not be enrolled at SNATIKA until I have completed the following, in the manner prescribed by SNATIKA:
    1. submitted the admission application along with supporting documents; and
    2. made the prescribed payments as informed by SNATIKA; and until such time (if any) that SNATIKA issues me with a written Confirmation of Admission.
  • 1.2 I also understand that I must satisfy all conditions required by SNATIKA and specified for a qualification and referenced in any Confirmation of Admission communication unless any such conditions are waived by SNATIKA by notice in writing to me.
  • 1.3 I acknowledge that there is no promise by SNATIKA that I will be admitted or enrolled.
  • 2.0 General
  • 2.1 I acknowledge that I alone decided to apply for the programme stated on my Admission Application and I am not relying on any advice, written or verbal, from SNATIKA that I will be admitted to a programme or that a programme is suitable for any purpose.
  • 2.2 I agree to supply all further information required by SNATIKA relevant to my proposed study at SNATIKA promptly, including, but not limited to, proof of my identity and academic/professional credentials.
  • 2.3 Some programmes of study have particular entry requirements. I agree that if SNATIKA requires me to be Police vetted and/or safety checked for the Vulnerable Children Act or as otherwise required by law, I will sign all such forms prescribed or required by SNATIKA and participate in that process as required by SNATIKA.
  • 2.4 I acknowledge that liability for any failure by SNATIKA is excluded where that failure has been caused by circumstances beyond control of SNATIKA.
  • 2.5 In addition to these Terms and Conditions other terms and conditions of my enrolment at SNATIKA will be specified or referred to in:
    1. my Enrolment Application (if any),
    2. any Offer of Confirmation of Admission and Acceptance of the Confirmation of Admission,
    3. any written Confirmation of Enrolment issued to me by SNATIKA, but nothing else will be incorporated into the agreement between us.
  • 2.7 I acknowledge that submission of my Admission Application does not mean that SNATIKA will offer the qualification I want to study towards, when I want to study it.
  • 2.8 I understand that accreditations for programmes/qualifications may change and there is no warranty by SNATIKA that any particular accreditation will be attained or retained.
  • 2.9 Before submitting my Admission Application I have received clear and sufficient information to enable me to make an informed choice to submit my Admission Application to study at SNATIKA towards the qualification specified in my Admission Application.
  • 3.0 Admission Fees
  • 3.1. I agree to pay to SNATIKA at the same time that I submit my Admission Application any applicable Admission Fees listed on the SNATIKA website page. I agree that the applicable Admission Fees are not refundable in any circumstances.
  • 3.2. Program Fees are fixed before the start of any academic batch. Student won’t be liable for any change in program fees post being admitted to the program. However, student would have to pay any change in fees for any other additional services.
  • 3.3. All Program fees are payable upon SNATIKA issuing a Confirmation of Enrolment and before the start of study, or earlier if required by SNATIKA and specified in Confirmation of Admission. All monies received by SNATIKA are banked immediately for security reasons.
  • 3.4. Unless otherwise advised in writing by the SNATIKA, students must pay all Program fees to SNATIKA directly and not to any recruitment agent or other party. There may be a bank fee charged which is payable by the student.
  • 3.5. Students who are paying all or part of their fees by directly or through the Loan Scheme are supposed to make the Fees payment on schedule. Payment of SNATIKA fees inclusive of tuition fees, non-tuition fees plus student association fees (if any) for the full year will be made on approval of their loan application. When student loans are declined in full or in part students are still required to pay all fees, failing which their admission would be cancelled.
  • 3.6. SNATIKA may cancel the student’s enrolment if any of the SNATIKA fees are not received.
  • 3.7. Invoices will be issued on confirmation of enrolment and when changes are made to enrolment to all students. A Statement of Account will be available to all students which will present the current status of an account. SNATIKA may cancel the enrolment of a student or suspend the enrolment. Suspension means that students:
    1. no longer have access to certain SNATIKA facilities;
    2. will not receive grades for courses;
    3. will not have access to their academic records; and
    4. may not access SNATIKA LMS.
  • 3.8. Cancellation means the person concerned is no longer a student at SNATIKA and has no right to engage in any courses and no privileges are afforded to students. Even when enrolment is cancelled or suspended, all fees owing to the SNATIKA must be paid.
  • 3.9. No Refund of tuition fees shall be made to students who withdraw in any manner post accepting Admission Confirmation and payment of fees to SNATIKA. Commissions/Interest charges paid by SNATIKA to agents or lending partners will also be deducted from any refund in respect of the courses withdrawn from.
  • 3.10. In any exceptional case, where a specific request is made for a refund that has been approved, such refund will be made within 28 days. If the refund cannot be made within 28 days then a written statement shall be provided to the student as to why the refund cannot be made, together with a date by which the refund shall be made.
  • 3.11. Withdrawal by the SNATIKA: if the SNATIKA rejects a Student Admission Application then the student will be eligible for a full refund, if they have paid fees.
  • 3.12. SNATIKA accepts no liability to pay interest or other consideration in respect of monies held in full or part payment of SNATIKA fees and is not liable to the student or anyone else for exchange rate movement, conversion charges, bank fees, or fees paid to recruitment or immigration agents.
  • 3.13. In the case of students who are deceased, partial refunds, where applicable, are made to the estate of the person concerned, care of the next of kin as notified to the SNATIKA.
  • 3.14. Where students are enrolled principally because of an agreement between SNATIKA and another entity the payment and refund of fees will be governed by that other agreement.
  • 3.15. Unless otherwise arranged at the time of the enrolment, when dissertations, research reports, or project courses are not submitted by the end date of the course/schedule, the student must pay additional assessment fees which are over & above the program fee.
  • 3.16. In the case of a thesis course, a one-month extension may be granted without penalty.
  • 4.0 Privacy Statement
  • 4.1 I understand that SNATIKA will collect, store, use and disclose personal information about me in the course of conducting its functions and activities and that a unique identifier will be assigned to me to facilitate this. I have read and understood how such information will be managed and disclosed as outlined on the SNATIKA website. I acknowledge that I have the right to access and seek correction of personal information about me (subject to exceptions in the Privacy Act).
  • 5.0 False, Incomplete or Misleading Information
  • 5.1 If I withhold information or if I provide incomplete, false or misleading information then SNATIKA may refuse to admit or enrol me or cancel my enrolment and may withhold my academic record if its veracity cannot be confirmed.

Admission Application Declaration

I declare that:

  1. The information given in the Admission Application is true and correct and that no information that may have a bearing on your decision to admit me or not has been withheld.
  2. In submitting my Admission Application, I have read, understood and agree to the Admission Application Terms and Conditions.
  3. I authorise the collection, holding, use and disclosure of personal information about me set out and referred to in the Privacy Statement in the Admission Application Terms and Conditions.
  4. I agree that any evidence of identity and citizenship I have supplied, or will supply as part of the admission process, is correct and belongs to me.