Advanced Supply Chain Strategies Improves Outcomes

Understand the role of Supply Chain and Operations Strategy in your Business

Supply Chain and Operations Strategy is a branch of Supply Chain Management (SCM).

Once you develop a business plan, you need a blueprint for gathering the raw goods/services, distributing them to your customers and the different steps in between. Supply Chain and Operations Strategy is how you do that.[i]

This subdivision of SCM is where you develop a plan for the supply chain and regularly reevaluate it to ensure it matches and supports the overall business strategy.

SCM professionals with a special focus on strategy are experts in matching the structural and infrastructural elements of the supply chain with the business strategy to maximize process efficiency.  This improves outcomes and helps achieve company goals[ii].

Strategists working in this domain first understand the business strategy in detail. This includes the company’s target customers, goals and the direction the business aims to go in. These professionals then plan out a supply chain strategy to reinforce the overall business strategy.

Any future change in the services, labour or supply chain logistics is done keeping the strategy at the forefront.

One of the key roles of Operations and Supply Chain professionals is to manage a company’s resources most efficiently. For that, they create strategies that increase the optimal use of funds, inventory storage space, and employee’s skills etc. and align it with the broader business strategy.

This process improves business outcomes because your strategy is based on long-term goals and is modifiable according to the changes in the business trajectory.[iii]

You can also look at it this way; SCM takes care of external matters such as partnerships with the suppliers and raw material delivery etc. And the Operations Strategy team manages the internal company issues such as IT services, factory infrastructure and employee training etc.[iv]

When you combine the two of these domains to create harmony between the external and internal factors, you increase your functional efficiency to a maximum. The cost reduces while quality increases and that is how you improve your business outcomes.

In Conclusion:

The primary function of Supply Chain and Operations Strategy in the widespread SCM process is to translate business plans into supply chain decisions[v].

That way you can offer your customers exactly what you advertise in your company’s mission statement and marketing campaigns.

This domain of SCM is becoming increasingly important as the competition is increasing in the business markets. You need to have an exceptional strategy and unique supply chain actions to stand out and grow your business.

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