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Yes the programs are self paced. The study material can be accessed from the LMS from any place with internet connectivity. However, upon completion of a program the students have to complete assignments/assessments within the scheduled deadlines.

The online program is same as the program you would have taken in a class except for the fact that the medium of delivery is online and you get to learn peacefully from the comfort of your home. There are no classmates.

Studies show online students tend to achieve the same learning results in half the time as classroom-based students.

Convenience and flexibility are the most common advantages of online classes. Taking classes online is ideal for someone who wants to continue working while earning a master’s degree. Online classes allow you to fit school into your schedule when it’s convenient for you.
The recommended number of study hours per week is 8-10 hrs.


You can pay your fee dues by either of the following modes:

Online using your Debit / Credit Card or Bank Transfer

SNATIKA also provides interest free EMI’s to its learners. To avail this, you need to show your preference for a loan at the start of the program.

You can only make payments through your registered login.
Please go to the respective Program page to see the program fee details listed.

You will need to pay INR 20,000 at the time of submitting your admission application. This amount is refunded in case your application gets rejected.

Once you receive the admission confirmation email, you will need to pay the balance fee within 5 days. For learners opting for loan from SNATIKA’s lending partners , the balance fee is funded and paid by the lending partners directly to SNATIKA. Learners repay EMI based on the tenure selected with the lending partners.

The full fee must be paid upfront within 5 days of receiving admission confirmation email.


The degree is awarded by University of Chichester, UK for the Masters programs.

However, learners also receive the following after successful completion of the relevant stage

    1. Masters Program Certificate, SNATIKA
    2. Level 7 Diploma, OTHM, UK

All original certificates and academic transcripts would be couriered to the learners’ registered mailing address.

Yes, Learners are provided with academic transcripts or mark sheets for SNATIKA’s master program.

A transcript is proof of education. Official academic transcripts are your official record and include your program/s of study, the units you have undertaken, the grade achieved for each unit, credit achieved for each unit, your cumulative credits, and the date your award was conferred.

Learners who wish to pursue their Doctorate/ PhD need to provide the admission committee with a set of documents to support their previous academic qualifications. As proof of completing your post-graduation/ masters, these documents are mandatory to justify your suitability for the programme that you aspire to pursue.


The eligibility criteria are as follows


Minimum 2 years managerial work experience in the selected stream of study

Non Graduates

Minimum 5 years managerial work experience in the selected stream of study

It is a 4-step admission process as mentioned below:

Step 1 –Register with payment of INR 20,000 which is refunded in case your application gets rejected.

Step 2 –Application will be scrutinized for suitability by SNATIKA.

Step 3 – Once shortlisted, you will receive the admission confirmation email.

Step 4 – You will need to make full payment of the program fee as guided in the email. In case you are opting for a loan through SNATIKA’s lending partners then you have to show your preference at the time of filling your application form.

Step 1 – Fill the Admission Application Form online and upload requested documents

Step 2 – Application will be scrutinized for suitability by SNATIKA

Step 3 – Once shortlisted you will receive the admission confirmation email.

Step 4 – You will need to make full payment of the program fee as guided in the email.


Assessment is conducted through, MCQ based quizzes, Assignments and Dissertation Project
You will be required to re-submit the assignment(s). For each re-submission a fee of GBP 100INR 5000 will be charged.

Student Support

We have put together some tips and strategies to help you best manage and succeed in your program.
  1. Start light. …
  2. Make a workspace for yourself. …
  3. Get good at time management. …
  4. Stay organized. …
  5. Use all your resources. …
  6. Technology is your friend. …
  7. Get into a routine. …

The program is designed to be self-paced and very much digitally guided. However, if you still feel the need you can reach us by writing to learnersupport@snatika.com for any syllabus or learning related query.

  1. Always strive to complete the program module without break for better understanding
  2. Try to finish the assignments as soon as you can after module completion as the study is still fresh in your mind.
  3. Maintain your own mind-notes
  4. Practice and revision will help you learn the program better.

We have a dedicated support team for you at each stage of your association with SNATIKA. We always suggest connecting via email to avoid taking time of our learners who are senior professionals.

To receive prompt & timely support, you may use any of these services for the following stages :

Pre Admissionadmissions@snatika.comTBDOn Snatika web page
Post Admissionlearnersupport@snatika.comTBDOn Snatika LMS

Learners can also raise a support ticket on the LMS.


All new learning innovations are met with some degree of scrutiny, but skepticism subsides as methods become more mainstream. Such is the case for online learning. Studies indicate employers who are familiar with online degrees tend to view them more favorably, and more employers are acquainted with them than ever before. The majority of colleges now offer online degrees, including most public, not-for-profit, and Ivy League universities. Online learning is also increasingly prevalent in the workplace as more companies invest in web-based employee training and development programs.

Yes you can. As per policy of UK Universities/education system, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is given credit in lieu of formal qualifications. For example, if you have 5 plus years of managerial work experience then you are allowed to take admission in the Masters program from SNATIKA.

  1. You can apply for better job Opportunities around the world.
  2. You can ask for improved remuneration and position at your current organization.
  3. You can gain direct entry into doctorate phd program

SNATIKA Masters’ Program is designed for working professionals who wish to avail world class education without having to sacrifice their career during the program. It is designed for people who are looking to make advancements into their chosen field of work and career.

The curriculum is constructed to elevate mid-level and senior professionals looking forward to growing in their careers.

Graduates with 2 years of managerial experience and non-graduates with 5 years of managerial experience can do this program in their respective domains.

The Curriculum at SNATIKA is designed in lines with the International curriculums for professionals.. The association with and involvement of OTHM and London Graduate School not only makes it possible for you to pursue other master’s program or excel in your present career but also proves that the curriculum design conforms to international standards.

SNATIKA Masters Programs havebeen designed exclusively for working professionals; wherein due value is given to the learner’s knowledge of her/his domaingained through years of experience of being in the industry. Our programs also acknowledge the time a working professional can spend during her/his busy schedule to earn her/his academic qualification. We also have considered our working professionals’ need of fast tracking her/his academic journey. We have incorporated all these needs in our programs along with providing globally recognised multiple qualifications.

Most of the regular Masters programs are general programs which haven’t considered the above needs & are developed for the common masses. SNATIKA programs are specifically designed for working professionals who aspire for a globally recognised international qualification in their domain of expertise & experience.

The MSc/ MA program is offered only in a particular discipline, which means that it will only deal with one main subject or specialisation of business. So then, MSc/MA is the perfect choice if one wishes to pursue a career in any specialised field, such as finance, hr, public administration, education management, etc.

At SNATIKA, we offer specialisiation across varied fields to cater to our senior professionals who have excelled in their specific field and would like to further grow in the same.

The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England.

OFQUAL maintains standards and confidence in qualifications in England. They are independent of government and report directly to British Parliament.