Managing Redundancies as a School Leader

The Bureau of Labour Statistics reports an estimated loss of 161,000 education jobs just in the US in 2021. These include local and state education sector jobs.
While the situation is worrisome for staff and students, it especially places education management and leadership in a tough spot. It can be a daunting challenge to manage a school with reduced staffing and funds.
Strategic planning, a bit of creativity and adaptability can help turn this challenge into an opportunity for school leaders.

Tips for Education Managers and Leaders to Manage Redundancies

In these unpredictable times, all eyes are on the management and leadership of an institution.
As a school leader, your decisions and actions might set the tone for the entire school on how to navigate through these testing times. Here are a few helpful tips on managing staff and doing more with fewer resources:

    • Evaluate All Departments

      Redundancies can shake your school to its core. If cutbacks are unavoidable, a thorough re-evaluation of all departments might help determine where they can be made. Lay-offs might not be the only way to cut back.
      This process can also reset priorities. Use this opportunity to check if resources and staff are being utilized in the most economical ways.

    • Communicate Goals Clearly and Consistently

      Change is daunting. Remember that this time can be intimidating and worry-some for students and faculty alike.
      Strong communication of the objectives and ambitions of your institution might help keep everyone composed. It is imperative as a school leader that you keep the door to communication open. Welcome questions and keep your staff in the loop.
      Well-informed staff can help students navigate through changes better as well. This might make the transition easier for the whole institution. It is also a great way to enlist their support and help during this tough time.

    • Adjust Expectations and Be Creative

      Redundancies mean the remaining staff needs to fit into roles now left vacant. Explain to your staff that you expect more from them now. Express your confidence in their abilities and treat them with respect.
      Remember, the main task of education managers and leaders is to lead by example. This holds even truer in testing times. Take on multiple roles yourself and help out any way you can. A little creativity might help stretch precious resources.
      Studies show that e-books are just as effective as paper books. They could be introduced in your school rather than spending on purchasing and managing paper books. Ask for volunteers from your community to fill in for jobs such as assistant coaching or tutors.


Final Thoughts

The true measure of a school leader might be in how they mitigate crisis while modelling empathy and leadership.
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