Myth: Online Degrees Are Easy

Some people believe that online masters’ programs are not as rigorous as the on-campus ones. They mostly have an issue with how online students are assessed and not so much with how the programs are taught.i

Well, that belief is not based on facts.

There are several reasons to demonstrate that online degrees are just as authentic and credible as their traditional counterparts, but for the sake of this article, we will only discuss three of them.

Let’s begin!

  1. Same Coursework

Masters’ program courses are the same for both; online and in-person classroom formats. The admission requirements are also mostly the same for students who enrol for either of the programs.ii

Extensive research comparing the two programs concluded that there is no significant difference between the learning outcomes of the online and traditional programs.iii

  1. Strict Assessment System

Some reputable online masters’ programs use the assignment-based assessment system.

This keeps plagiarism under check and ensures the quality of learning. Plus, it makes the students research-oriented which is a valuable skill to have for working professionals.

  1. Employer’s Confidence in the Degree

Another validation for the online masters’ being just as relevant is the fact that both, postgraduates – of online programs and the on-campus programs– when they enter the workforce, are equivalent

According to a 2018 survey, that’s the reason why more and more employers are hiring and promoting professionals with online masters’ degrees.iv


Not all Online Programs are the same

Online masters’ degrees are not much different from in-person ones. That means not all online programs are the same, just like all brick-and-mortar universities are not of the same calibre.

In a study on 123 university administrators, investigators revealed that the reputation of the institution for its rigour largely dictates how an online program is perceived.v

Also, online masters’ degrees from credible universities satisfy the criteria for admission into a PhD program, which is a testament to the authenticity of online degrees.

You do not have to manage travel and accommodations or leave a steady job for online education. So in that sense, online master’s programs are not as rigid as in-person ones. But in terms of coursework, the credibility of the degree and education standards; you will not find much of a difference between the

Ready to Join an Online Masters’ Program?

Did you know that upon graduation from an online masters’ program, your degree does not state that you earned it online? That’s because there is practically no difference in the knowledge you acquire by simply opting for a different format of education.

This approach does come with higher personal responsibility and a need for self-discipline. But it offers numerous benefits; such as scheduling flexibility, lower overall cost and freedom to continue your full-time job.

If you are ready to enhance your career with a masters’ degree, then read through the list of programs offered by the many credible online platforms. Find a program today and join in the upcoming session!